7 Secrets Of A Successful Childcare Business Owner

7 Secrets Of A Successful Childcare Business Owner

One Woman, Many Talents

Taken From,  How I Did It! Daycare Success


Have you discovered that  the love you have for working with children won’t necessarily fill your program to capacity?  Have you noticed that your early childhood experience and educational background won’t ensure a successfully ran program?

Although it might  sound harsh or even wrong but to say that all you need is a love for children and childcare experience and that would guarantee you success in your business endeavors, is a complete deception.

The times of  “organized babysitters” are OVER. Back 10 years ago anyone could open and start a daycare. At that time children would come from everywhere. But when the economy changed and the daycare business evolved into a billion dollar industry larger more forthcoming companies began to dominate the industry.

Larger companies would hire individuals to work in the corporate office who understood BUSINESS more than CHILDCARE!

Crazy huh? But you must also do the same if you intend to create a successful childcare business!

So don’t get left behind in your childcare business any longer. Hop aboard the wave of success and gain control of your income and business TODAY. I have provided a list of traits that you will need as a CHILDCARE BUSINESS OWNER.  To get the full scoop…. get your copy of  How I Did It! Daycare Success TODAY!

Traits/ Natural abilities of an Owner/Director

  • Leader
  • Business Minded
  • Self-Starter
  •  Reader
  •  Multi-Task
  • Detailed
  •  Flexible
  • Organized
  •  Naturally a Teacher
  • People Person
  • Developer
  • Researcher
  •  Planner
  • Finance Management
  • Passion for Quality and Excellence
  • Can Follow Rules
  • Can work long hours
  • Eye for design
  • Marketing skills –A must
  • Understands early childhood development
  • The ability to delegate authority
  • Able to hire, train and manage staff
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills Good computer skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Good manager of time for yourself and others
  • Money Collections skills

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About Daycare Success Coach

Andrea Dickerson, founder of Daycare Success, teaches childcare business owners, directors and administrators how to create a profitable and thriving childcare business. She does this by creating and implementing a simple, but effective, Childcare Operation and Marketing Action Plan. Mrs. Dickerson utilized the same action steps and has discovered ways to assist you in fulfilling your business goals; essentially, preparing you to operate a successful childcare business. Inspiring, equipping, coaching and imparting her wisdom and skills are the heart-beat of this dynamic entrepreneur's gift to each aspiring business owner. Through her influential, power-packed Live Speaking Events, Video Home Study Programs, Virtual Training Workshops, E-books, Audio files, Blogs/Articles and Newsletters, you will be motivated to begin your journey to business ownership today. Every aspiring business owner will benefit from her professional coaching skills. Each participant will receive the tools and solutions needed to improve the way they conduct business. She is motivated and dedicated to your success. So don't delay. Allow Andrea Dickerson to guide you on your path to becoming your own business success story. http://daycaresuccess.wordpress.com/ "Like" me on Facebook@ http://www.facebook.com/#!/IOwnADaycare "Tweet" me on Twitter@ http://twitter.com/#!/DaycareSuccess
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